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Security Features

Our new security feature involves using PingZapper's services. It works in a way that both the customer and employee MUST use the SAME PingZapper account in order to log on to World of Warcraft. We will set up the account for you and send you the information to your account via email. You must use it before entering in WoW, and we will tell you which servers to use. This makes it virtually impossible for blizzard to pick up any leveling on your account. We will mainly be using this for Gladiator ordes.

PingZapper is a service that creates a faster way to play multiplayer online games like World of Warcraft, Aion and Rift by reducing your ping time (the amount of time it takes for the information sent from your computer to reach the gaming server, and vice-versa). In most cases, PingZapper can lower your latency or in-game ping by as much as 50-70%.

Don't confuse increasing your Internet speed for lowering your latency. These improve the quality and speed of your transmission, true enough, but even with ADSL, FiOS or other high speed Internet service, PingZapper can still reduce your latency further.

Unfortunately, there will be times when PingZapper cannot lower your ping, especially if your connection is very poor or your ISP path to your current PingZapper Server is just too busy.

The easiest way to test this it to sign up and try our service free of charge. In a few minutes you will be in-game and experiencing your better connection! Our free trial will disconnect you every 20 minutes, but this should give you more than enough time in-game to determine if PingZapper meets your needs.

When you launch the PingZapper client, it creates a secure shell connection (SSH tunnel), streamlining the packet handling (the data that is sent) by forcing it out immediately instead of bundling each packet with additional data packets. By not having to wait for additional information, it cuts down the latency (ping) considerably based upon your geographical location to the server.

So the trick is, both you (the customer) and our employees will use the same PingZapper account for the entire leveling process for Gladiator Orders. This creates you to have the same IP, making it virtually undetectable by blizzard that anyone messed with your account.